About us

Why La Coma?
We create residencies for artists that are financially sustainable, and do not depend on grants to survive.
Spaces away from the city where you can disconnect, create and grow personally with all the comforts.
Our mission
Create an economically sustainable residence for artists and creators.
Support creators by offering them a stay with all the needs and comforts, surrounded by a unique ecosystem, so that they can create and be inspired.
Offer professionals and experts a space where they can carry out courses and experiences that promote personal growth and creativity.
Our team
Several companies have united their vision of how to promote well-being and art under our project
Association Gaudi Knowledge

Association dedicated to the dissemination of the life and work of the great architect and designer Antonio Gaudí
Carlos Canals Roura

Collector and art dealer with more than 30 years of experience in the sector
Inngenium Design Lab

Design studio that offers training based on the "Design Architecture" method inspired by Antonio Gaudí
Ecological architecture
The design and planning of the project (the creation of spaces and residences) is carried out following the "Gaudí method", applying the ergonomic, sustainable and efficiency parameters that the brilliant architect followed in his works.
Want to be part of the project?
If you are an artist and would like to collaborate, or are interested in collaborating by buying art, contact us.
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