La Coma Sant Daniel Hermitage

Art residence in a 1600s Hermitage on the top of the Sant Daniel mountain, offering workshops and exclusive experiences for creativity, training and well-being
The design and planning of the project is already finished, creating a unique space that will be built during 2021.
Our offer
A space dedicated for artists and creators to find well-being, relaxation, training and creativity in a unique environment.
Space with availability for 6 artists.
Retirements and courses
Courses on sustainability, creativity, design, art, wellness, etc...
Individual or shared stays
Relax areas
A space for relaxation and rest
Creative workshops
Workshop for artists or creators in multipurpose spaces
Dinners and immersive experiences on the history of the Hermitage, Sant Daniel and the Costa Brava.
Individual retirements
Individual stays for personal experiences and artistic creation
Where are we located
La Coma Ermita Sant Daniel
Carrer de l'Escarlet, 1, 17251 Calonge, Girona
Want to be part of the project?
If you are an artist and would like to collaborate, or are interested in collaborating by buying art, contact us.
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