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Nombre y apellidos
About the artist
Aguilar More, Ramón Barcelona 1924 - Barcelona 2015

Descendant of the Napoleon photographers saga, pioneers of photography and cinema in Barcelona. He studied drawing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Jordi, ending up as a disciple of the painter Oleguer Junyent.
Since 1953 he lived between Barcelona and Cadaques, collaborating with artists such as Salvador Dali, Joan Josep Therrats, Joan Ponç, Josep Roca Sastre and Ignacio Iturria.
He made more than 200 national and international exhibitions.
Among other awards, in 1960 he was awarded the National Prize for Fine Arts.

Painting with light, Physiogram 1954
In 1954, more than 65 years ago, following the creativity of his photographers ancestors, Aguilar More illuminated the air with bursts of light, with a simple point of light, creating unique works of art worldwide.

In 2007, the art dealer Carlos Canals, found the negatives of these photographs in the artist's studio, Aguilar More had forgotten them and together they decided to reproduce them in a limited series, numbered and signed by the artist.

The series consists of 21 photographs in two formats 42 x 33 cm, and 100 x 70 cm.
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