Pluto's banquet
Artists Antoni Miralda and Marius Brossa, take unrepeatable photographs of the transformations of rice.

"Personal consciousness must be adapted to the present moment: we must not denounce or criticize, as we did in the past century. It is necessary to co-build a new world. But it will not be born by reforming production systems or ideologies, but by making ourselves aware that we live the explanations of reality and not Life It is necessary to detach ourselves from acquired values, free ourselves from mental conditioning and recover CREATIVITY.
Pluto's Banquet shows us manifestations of Life without value judgments and is transformed into the beauty of Living. "

Màrius Brossa - 2012

In 2012, the art dealer Carlos Canals started this project, and finally in 2018 the definitive edition was presented.

The publication has 40 copies.
Curator notes
When in January Marius Brossa told me about the possibility of carrying out this project, I was sure and convinced of doing it.

Antoni Miralda had presented a work "Food situation for a patriotic banquet" at the MOMA in New York in 1973, but it was not accepted mainly due to political problems. Finally, in 2010 we were able to see "De gustibus non disputandum" exhibited at the Palacio de Velázquez in Madrid, the exhibition venue of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Soffa.

Marius Brossa has been able to see and capture new colors and textures, sending a message of renewal and vision of the Patriotic Banquet. The "Feast of Pluto" is now a reality.
Carlos Canals
March 2012
Technical details
Authors: Antoni Miralda & Marius Brossa
Title: Pluto's Banquet
Photographs: Marius Brossa
Reina Sofia exhibition photos: Lisbeth Salas, Antoni Miralda
Introduction, Sandor Ellix Katz
Author of the book Wild Fermentation
Pluto, the Greek Hades: invisible god
Pluto and Persephone
Pluto and the underworld
Hades, caves and depression
Lluis Gisbert
Impermanence: the flow of things
Decomposition: the essence of things
Christine (Joyce) Boucard
Graphic design: Saura-Torrente
Director / Coordinator: Carlos Canals
Edition year: 2018
Book size: 31.5 x 40 cm
Packing: Rice bag
Number of pages: 76
Paper: Xerox 200 gr.
Offset printing
40 units numbered from 1/40 to 40/40 for sale

All works signed by both artists
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