antoni miralda

About the artist
Antoni Miralda: Terrasa, Barcelona 1942

Multidisciplinary artist, since 1960 his work has been about the object, the ceremonial, the interventions in the public space, the food and the Food Culture concept.
Since 1971 he lives in New York-Miami-Barcelona.
His public acts in Paris, New York, Kassel, Miami, Kansas City, Las Vegas, among others, have discovered Miralda's work to the general public.
In 2018 the Ministry of Culture and Sports awarded him the National Prize for Plastic Arts.

"Food is a semiotic system for Miralda, as when he makes the flags of the main powers in colored rice, which rot and transform.
With his Food Cultural Museum he creates a world work with multiple initiatives, -Honover's Univewrsal exhibition, etc. - with which to violate the museum archetypes. Its objective lies in the participation and examination of the culinary cultures of the world, as well as in the exploration of aspects of social identity, its rituals and the forms of preservation and memory. "

Reina Sofía National Museum - 2010.
Marius Brossa + Antoni Miralda
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