marius brossa

About the artist
Archaeologist, I abandoned the profession for creativity: painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, meditation, Zen arch ...
He collaborates with Jose Maria Fonellosa in cinema (1976), with Empar Rosello in dance shows (1984), with Chus Bures and Antoni Miralda in Honey Moon (1989), with Carlos Duarte and Dunia Hedreville (2000) among many other national projects and international
He has exhibited in galleries in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Madrid, Girona, Prague, New York.
With selected and awarded work at ICP in New York, Fundación Miro, Fundación Vila Casas, Palau Robert.
Among many other works he published together with Antoni Miralda in 2015 the artist's book Pluto's Banquet.
Marius Brossa + Antoni Miralda
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